In determining dental problems, a routine dental check-up is vital. Leaving any dental issue to persist may make it much harder to fix in the future.

During regular dental check-up, we should investigate GUMS, TEETH AND MOUTH and learn about the growth of any dental caries and search for food impacts, gum recessions, abrasions, erosions, missing tooth, root stumps, stains and any symptoms of oral cancer. We also ask about dietary habits, health conditions, cigarette smoking and dental hygiene. And we’re talking to you about your oral cavity’s present state and recommending treatments if any required.

It is always preferable to have routine dental check-up done once in SIX monhs

Dental Implant

Dental implants are effective to smile.

Emergency Care

Emergency Call only +1 945 825 763

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a process that will help to prevent damage to teeth.
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